The Amazing Bubble Truck at The Morgan County Public Library

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The Amazing Bubble Truck was at the Morgan County Public Library on June 14th. This truck was truly amazing. As we pulled in near the Library there were bubbles everywhere. It was so cool.

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The Amazing Bubble Truck was at the library for the Summer Reading Program “Make a Splash Read”  kick off event. And what a kick off. Bubbles, kids even adults all in the parking lot having a great time.

JEM had a knack for making huge bubbles. She will even be in the Reporter Times our local newspaper because she kept producing such large interesting bubbles.

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She said the trick was to go slow as you pull the strings out of the bubble solution and not to open them too fast, then just let the wind or body movement blow through making the bubble.

Conner at Library Bubble Truck

After she explained it to the other kids, everyone got the hang of it. They had so much fun making all kinds of interesting bubbles. Even MJ  (below) who is only 3, had a few good ones.

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AL had the best large bubbles in my opinion. As I was taking a picture they grew and popped all over me.

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I got so many wonderful pictures.

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Here is MC using the large rope type bubble makers that were made out of two PVC pipes with robe attached to make kind of a closed semi-circle. Later I found, in a book in the library, that this was a  homemade variation of David Stein’s invention The Bubble Thing .

There were lots of bubble tools available but the best for large and even larger bubbles were the two sizes of the rope type or homemade bubble thing.

They also had:

  • Small bubble wands
  • Large bubble wands
  • Different shaped bubble wands
  • Bubble wands shaped like bunny tennis rackets
  • Small plastic tennis rackets
  • Kitty liter scoops

The list could be endless because if it has holes and will hold the bubble soap you can make bubbles.

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After the bubble fun we went into the library to cool off, take a restroom break, and get a drink.

While we were inside they had books displayed to continue the fun at home and some great stories about or with bubbles in them to encourage the kids to continue their reading contracts.

Some people also signed up for the reading program if they hadn’t got started yet.

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One of the books we found was called How to Make Monstrous, Huge, Unbelievably Big Bubbles by David Stein, the inventor of the “Bubble Thing” and editors of Klutz. This book is filled with beautiful pictures of huge bubbles and great information about:

  • How bubbles work
  • The Original Mr. Bubble
  • How weather affects the bubbles
  • Homemade bubble makers
  • How to make all weather bubble solution

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I checked the book out at the library but I guess if you by it, it comes with the Bubble Thing and inside are the instructions to put it together.

Here are some other great books too.

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