Fall 2010 Soccer Starts Today

Fall soccer season for the Barbara B. Jordan YMCA starts today. Cathy has 3 teams this time and I’m assisting her with two of them. JEM will be on her DivIII team and MJ is kind of on her DivII team. MJ is only 3 and should be in Pee Wee but I didn’t really want a Pee Wee team and she is a little head for them so would be frustrated but then is too young for DivII but will get to practice with them and maybe play a quarter or two depending on the size of the other team we play.


JEM is doing well. She is not the all star soccer player in stamina but has good strategy and knows where to be and to play her position. Sometimes that’s the part that is needed most. She has gotten a lot more aggressive and helps her team by talking to them when on the field.

All of Cathy’s kids are great soccer players and think it is just in their blood. They all have such a passion for the game.

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