Adventures in Cooking With JEM and Mommy

I enjoy cooking most of the time. I like making new things. Well at least the idea of it, but then when we start I’m frustrated because I have to go back and forth to the directions to make sure I don’t screw it up. I usually do though and have to start over or make adjustments.

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JEM and I have perfected our chicken lo-main dish and added country fried steak to the menu.

Chicken lo-main started 3 or 4 years ago with a box meal of lo-main noodles and Teriyaki sauce that you add chicken and vegetables to. We used frozen veggies, the Asian mix and chicken breasts. Then we started adding a different Teriyaki sauce. For awhile this was an okay dish but not exactly like the Chinese restaurant. Their taste is unique.

Recently we decided to change the whole thing. We found that fresh vegetablesĀ  taste, look, smell, and are crisper than frozen. Plus they take the same amount of time to cook except for the cutting. That’s the part JEM likes. She enjoys cutting the broccoli, green onions, celery. We also use baby carrots, snap peas or fresh french green beans, and mushrooms.

All the veggies are steamed in the microwave and put in last so they don’t get soggy.

We found a better teriyaki sauce, Joe’s choice. Oh and thick spaghetti noodles are our new lo-main noodle. The last new technique we added is to bake chicken drumsticks in the oven for about an hour and then peel the chicken off the bone.

Baking the chicken in the oven first takes about the same prep time as when we defrosted and cut up chicken breasts. Plus putting them in the oven is easier.

Also using dark meat almost gives it that restaurant taste. I think that taste might come from the peanut oil they use or just the different things they cook on the flat grill thing I see them use. Still trying to figure it out.

When the chicken and veggies areĀ  done you just throw it altogether and let it all absorb the teriyaki sauce for a few minutes and then it’s ready to eat.

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Another new favorite we added to our menu is country fried steak. The first time we attempted this recipe I screwed it up by not using an egg and milk dip with the seasoned flour. Without the egg and milk you won’t get that thick breading that it’s known for. Of course I had to learn the hard way.

JEM and J already knew this but fail to mention it before I put them in the hot oil. They learn most of their cooking knowledge from watching the Food Network. JEM even knew we needed to beat the steak with a meat tenderizer to flatten them.

Made it by using cubed steak dipped in egg and milk, then in flour and again in the egg and milk and one last time in the flour before we fry it in canola oil. Pretty easy. The fun part for JEM is beating the steak with the mallet.

Then we make mashed potatoes and a country gravy. I have been serving salad with this meal to lighten it up a bit. Although, Joe then has a second serving since the salad didn’t fill him up.

The first time was nerve racking not knowing how it would come out and the whole mess up with the breading. But the second time went smoothly and they came out great. MJ even liked it this time.

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MJ getting the mashed potatoes ready.

Look for more cooking with JEM and Mommy as we try new recipes and improve the old ones.

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