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Monday. I usually feel alright on Monday’s. It being the start of a new week and I get to try and do better than the last. Our homeschooling has been a little slow with the arrival of my son, just because of the newness and distraction of wanting to talk and the kids wanting to play with him.

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They are all getting along great. We have had a few snags in adapting to little difference in attitude and things, but we are working on it. He’s 18 and I haven’t been a mother to him all these years so I am finding it hard to figure out how I’m supposed to be. Him living in my home makes me feel responsible for him and I become parental. That’s where we seem to but heads. When he throws the I’m 18 thing at me it makes me get defensive and a little pissed.Sprint PictureMail

Our trip to Chicago is this weekend. We are going to Joe’s (hubby) dad’s house to visit. Everyone is looking forward to it. Grandpa loves to do fun elaborate things and bar b q steaks and stuff so it should be relaxing for me and fun for everyone.¬† Only if we survive¬† the long drive with 3 yr old MJ.

This week is fall break and I’m not sure if we as homeschoolers are taking the three days the public school gets since we took a few days when Michael first got here. JEM wants to but then she will just complain about being bored. She’s a funny kid. Maybe I’ll pretend to give those days off and come up with some crazy project to work on. That way she is still learning something but it’s not the usual stuff. She won’t be bored and I won’t feel bad for taking to many days off.

Now I just have to come up with the project. Is this a good idea? Seems like more work for me. Well that’s what I get I guess.

As I was writing that last sentence I thought of something we have been putting of for ever. We never quit get around to all the art projects we think of and could finally get the painting rocks project completed.

We found these great books at the library on how to paint medium sized rocks into animals so they look like little animals sitting in the garden when we’re finished. We went to the Hummel Park in Plainfield and found some great shaped rocks to use for the project.

Here are some of the books we are going to use plus a few other interesting ones:

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