2010 4-H Achievement Banquet-Name Tag Contest

Here is the name tag for our 4-H club, Kids With a Mission. Every year at the Morgan County 4-H Achievement Banquet there is a name tag design contest for all the 4-H Clubs at the end of every year.  Each club is to design a name tag that represents there club and the theme for that year, which this year is “Constructing Tomorrows Leaders”. I designed the name tag using Adobe Illustrator using shapes to make Lego people constructing a bigger lego person which would be the future leader they are constructing.

4-H is not just about animals but also has many various project learning from;

  • electric,
  • computer,
  • photography to
  • veterinary science to numerous crafts like
  • sewing,
  • needle craft,
  • models even
  • Lego model building.

The 4-H Achievement Banquet  this year will be on November 6, which is also MCD’s birthday and will be at The First United Methodist Church of Martinsville, Indiana. The great event will be a recap of the 2010 4-H year. At the banquet we will enjoy

  • great food
  • a slide show of the year in review
  • dessert contest
  • name tag contest
  • scrapbook contest
  • door prizes
  • scholarships will be awarded
  • 4-H leaders will be recognized
  • project awards given
  • completion pins awarded

And best of all will be the opportunity for all the clubs to come together in one place and talk about all the events and projects they completed and the great 4-H year they had.



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