It’s Party Time

Party Time? What is this about you ask? Well 5 Minutes For Mom a wonderful blog to read for inspiration and community has put this great blog experience together for the thousands upon thousands of blogs out there to link up and meet, and follow other blogs. So welcome to the party, my blog, and hope you stay awhile.

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Little about my family and me.

Hello, welcome to My Mommy Daze Blog. I’m glad you stopped by. I’m Kim, mommy to 4, one of which I had to give up and then found last October. I found Michael who is now 19, after years of searching and of course on Facebook.  He came to stay for a few months and then decided to venture out on his own back in South Dakota with his cousins.

I have 3 other children at home. J 17 who will also be venturing off soon boo hoo. I have two daughters, JEM 11 and MJ 4. I’m homeschooling all three and goodness do they keep me busy (or is it mom who keeps them busy?). They would be shut ins if I didn’t encourage, beg, plead, and bribe them to try new things. But after each activity, running around, shuffling schedules, I beat myself over the head thinking why do I torture myself so.

Sprint PictureMail

Sprint PictureMail

Of course then I lie in bed and think of more activities I wish the were involved in. It’s stressful and tiring sometimes, but seeing them at Gymnastics learning new skills or JEM 11 and only 70lbs at 4-H dog practice teaching our 100lb lab Leo to sit pretty, or my J as a pirate in Gulliver’s Travels, I feel proud as a mom to give them all these opportunities.


I vowed I would give my kids more than I had, even if I don’t have a lot of money. My mom couldn’t, she had issues and I was put aside and sent off to live with my older sister who tried, but just wasn’t in-tune to what I needed. So I will learn from their mistakes, make a few, but do my best to give my kids my all.


I’ve only been blogging for a almost a year. April 26th is my blog anniversary. The 2011 Ultimate Blog Party came at the perfect time. I can celebrate both. As busy as I am, finding time and motivation to blog has been a real challenge, especially these last few months. Reading blogs is much easier and I look for inspiration from other blogs like this post by Susan- What is The Reality of a Mom Blogger’s Life?. I just love this blog. Thanks 5 Minutes For Mom.

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    • Kim says

      Hi Anne! Thanks for visiting. I just love your blog. I’ll have to try the lemon ice recipe what a great idea. Your giveaway corner blog is wonderful.

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