Kids With a Mission 4-H April 2011 Club Meeting

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Our meeting went well even though we got rained out of gardening at our community garden. We had to go with our back-up plan and have the meeting inside instead.

The weather has been a pain, cold, rainy, and I thought it was spring already. I expect rain, but the cold, I was hoping we were done with.

Instead of preparing our 4-H garden we had to do our back-up plan and had our regular 4-H members mock judge the window display contestants.

Each year the 4-H clubs decorate a window somewhere in town to promote 4-H with the theme for the year. Our 2011 theme is 4-H 4U in a cell phone text format to promote 4-H is for everyone and not just about farming and livestock.

There is so much more to 4-H.


  • Crafts
  • electricity
  • cooking
  • sports
  • aerospace and the list goes on…


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Our club had a display a the Morgan County Library showing a farm, apartment, and suburb (home) with a 4-H member in each texting each other about the projects they were working on and then a picture of each club member and their favorite 4-H project as the boarder of our display. We also had a Lego display in the display window as you enter the library.

Our club, Kids with a Mission, won 2nd place this year. Last year we were 8th, so quite an improvement.

While the regular members were doing the mock judging our mini 4-Hers learned about how and what plants need. They did a worksheet and made a how plants grow mini book then planted marigolds to take home and care for until fair, where they will show their blooms as a project for mini gardening.

Next meeting is planned for May 17th at the community garden a second attempt at starting our planting.



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