Paper Plate Crafts with MJ and Jem



Homeschool is out but with a preschooler,  school is never out. I have to have something for her do during the day so instead of calling it school it’s craft time, story-time, and phonics time.  I feel like if we take too much time off we lose our routine.

MJ enjoys painting and making all sorts of things. I found a book about making paper plate crafts to give some direction to her art or gives me some creative things to make.

She has a great imagination and makes stuff up as she goes. I end up with all kinds of creative paper projects to hang on the frig. This summer my goal is to do fun crafty things that incorporate school but the kids don’t realize it.

Jem has many 4-H projects to complete and we have several summer reading activities to do at the library. Jem is going into 6th grade so she has to move up to the teen library program. I’m a little disappointed though, she is still  only 11 and not quite a teen.

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