MJ’s Story Time and Craft- The Frog Prince

The first in the series for “MJ’s Story Time and Craft”

As part of MJ’s Homeschool this year in Kindergarten. We read stories and for some books we do an activity or craft.

This week we read

The Frog Prince (We Both Read) ,” adapted by Sindy McKay.

The Moral of the story was “ A promise is a promise”.

The story was also a “we both read” beginning reader and MJ helped read a few words too.

Story Time Craft- Paper Plate Frog Prince


For the craft we used:

  • a paper plate
  • green paint
  • glitter
  • goggle eyes
  • colored paper
  • glue

She painted the paper plate green. Then waited until it dried and then folded it. While it was drying I drew the legs, arms, tongue, spots, and crown and let MJ cut them out.





I had to help her with some of the cutting. She got tired and the feet were too hard, she said.

Then she glued everything. Very simple but fun craft.

MJ’s favorite was the crown, spots, and the sparkles (glitter was her idea).

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