Space Shuttle Art Project

Jem space shuttle2

For our Homeschool science art project this week we used a lesson from Deep Space Sparkle.

We’re studying astronomy for JEM’s 6th grade and MJ’s Kindergarten year. This lesson was great for both of them.

I had to help MJ so she could draw all the parts correctly. Having her watch me draw a part and then her drawing it seemed to help.

MJ space shuttle2

mj space shuttle

She added her own touches here an there. Her booster rockets have faces and she had to have the American Flag on it like the picture in the book we were using to learn all the parts of the shuttle.

Jem space shuttle

We drew the shuttle with pencil, cut it out, glued it to a piece of construction paper, and then outlined it with black paint. Let the black dry a bit and then finished painting the rest.

This was a great art lesson that tied into our astronomy study.

For MJ I thought we could add it to her space lapbook and make a mini book to name the parts.

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