Summer Reading Program @ the Library- “Chalk the Walk Wednesdays”

Today we went to the first “Chalk the Walk Wednesdays” activity for the Morgan County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program that’s every Wednesday from 2-2:30.

The Reporter Times newspaper was there taking pictures and MJ will be in the paper again. She seems to always be in the paper for the library events.

(There were more kids participating, but I waited to take pics so I wouldn’t have other children in the pictures. She looks lonely, but she was so into her art she didn’t want to leave.)

So funny. I think it’s because we are at most of them and we always stay the longest. Usually until they kick us out.

The Morgan County Public Library here in Martinsville offers a summer reading program every year to promote reading for children, teens, and adults.

Each year a different theme with great prize incentives for reading in each age group category. This year’s theme is “Dream Big Read!” children’s program, “Own the Night ” Teen program, and  “Between the Covers” adult program.

Along with reading incentives to encourage reading during the summer they provide fun programs for children and teens to keep them busy during the summer, like today’s program “Chalk the Walk Wednesdays”. Check out the other fun programs below or on at their event calendar.

  • Make It, Take Mondays- Every Monday, all day starting 6/4
  • Chalk the Walk Wednesdays- Every Wed. 2-2:30 6/6
  • Curious About (books)- Monday, 6/4 at 5:30 ages 5-8
  • inbeTWEEN Wednesdays- Wednesday, 6/6 and 6/20 at 3:30 (ages 9-12)*
  • Summer Reading Kick-Off with Indiana WILD- Monday, 6/11 at 10:30
  • Blast Off! Craft Program- Tuesday, 6/12 at 10:30 ages 5-12*
  • 21st Century Readers- Monday, 6/18 at 5:30 ages 9-12
  • Olympic Dreams: Martial Arts-Monday, 6/25 at 10:30 (ages 7-12)
  • Family Movie Night- Thursday, 6/28 at 6pm
  • Puppet Show- Thursday, 6/28 at 10:30 am and 2:30.
  • Stuffed Animal Sleepover- Thursday, 6/28 at 6:30 9 ages 5-8, pick-up starts at 10 am on 6/29)*

*ask that you register online for these programs and can do so on the event calendar.


MJ and JEM love the library activities and we will probably be at all of them, so check back for more pics and info throughout the summer.

What are your favorite library activities during the summer?

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