Teaching MJ to Read in Some Very Interesting Ways


JEM started reading at 4 and a half and was much easier to teach than MJ because she just listened to everything I told her. MJ has to do everything her way and loves to argue. I tried starting the reading process at 3 then 4 and now she is 4 1/2 and is showing more interest. I know that at 3 and even early 4 might be too young, but wanted to introduce it just in case, like I did with JEM. And this is after I know they have the basics, like knowing all the letters, vowels, and enjoy being read to.

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What a Great Day

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MJ was in a good playful mood this morning starting her day playing instead of being clingy and whiny. She fell asleep early last night at 8 and woke up about 9 which gave her a well rested night.

JEM is usually the first up and I guess she decided to secretly play barbies. She said she was cleaning the living room when I asked her if she was playing barbies. They looked so inviting to play with, for MJ as well as me. Cinderella was sitting on her couch watching TV with her daughter after a bit of tea.MJ Barbies

The kids and I are not the only ones who like to play with them because they usually look like a tornado hit in the night. Our two funny kittens, Bob and Thunder Cat tackle and wrestle with them while we sleep.

The day started off great with MJ peacefully playing and JEM my independent homeschooler working on her Logic workbook and then her science. She is studying the human body and displaying what she learned in her first lapbook.

We are new to Lapbooking and have found it is a wonderful way to show what she is learning instead of just boring reports and piles of lose paper. With the lapbook she will have her reports, sketches, and more all in one place.

JEM Lapbook

When the day starts off good the whole day seems to go smoothly. After Barbies MJ had breakfast, got dressed and we played with play-dough. Then I eased her into doing school and we worked on phonics. I use Phonics Pathways, the phonics game, and her puppets to learn to read.

MJ playdough

She is doing well, but have to remember she is only 4 and not as eager as JEM was so I have to make it interesting for her, like using the puppets. She started off good but started acting goofy so we took a break and went outside. I wrote the same words with chalk on the sidewalk and she liked that better.

Today was a great day. Don’t you just love those kind of days, when everything runs smoothly?