Few of My Thoughts

Last week went very well. School started and being prepared helped a great deal. Sent my 16 year old J back to high school this year and sorry to say it has made homeschooling my two little ones so much easier. I can now focus on the two who really need and want my attention, where as he just was not the independent learner he once was and needed me to look over his shoulder way too much to keep him on track. [Read more...]

Shower Puff goes Poof

Sent the hubby off to work and jumped in the shower before the kiddos woke up and had to start school. Love the opportunity to take a shower with no interruptions as this is the where I get to do some brainstorming for the day. My thoughts are clearer in the shower, alone. This is the only time I seem to have my alone time where I can think peacefully. [Read more...]

Homeschool Planning-Starting Early in Hope for a Good Year


The summer is ending soon and I am hoping to start our homeschool year off on time or even early. I need to make up for last year. We had a crazy year of moving. Moved from our house in the beautiful woods to foreclosure and had to move to a rental for 3 months that didn’t work out. Then moved all the way to San Antonio, TX for a 7 month nightmare. To finally moving back to Indiana in April. Had to stay with friends for a month or so to get jobs and find a place to stay. Now we are in a permanent place, at least for a year since we had to get an apartment for now.

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New Adventure as a WAHM (Work at Home Mommy)

We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had time to post. I am now a WAHM (work at home mommy) and scheduling in time to work has had to be early in the morning when everyone is sleeping. I used to sleep too.

So lately I’ve been very tired. Hoping my body will get used to this 4am schedule change soon.  I feel good about being able to help provide some extra income for my family though and it’s not that bad, so far.


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