Silly Bandz, Animal Shape Bands Craze-What, When, Why,Who? My Kids Too?

My children, starting with my 16 year son (weird), wearing these unusual shaped colored bracelets.

On his arm they don’t look like anything until he took one off and showed me  it was a giraffe, a star, a heart his girlfriend gave him (how sweet). Each day goes by and he gets more and of course now that I’m aware and clued into this fad I see them on everyone’s wrists. Some adults too.

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JEM, MC, JM, DC and SB have started collecting them too.

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Wordless Wednesday-Remember Barbies?

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Remember playing barbies? I loved turning  the house into different areas of barbie land. The store, hair salon, school, post office, vet, doctor, you name it, we had it. Barbie was a busy woman.

The house would be covered in bodies, clothes, hairbrushes, and shoes (which NEVER stayed on).

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How old were you when you gave them up? I was 12. I still played with my niece at 13 and 14.

Having daughters is wonderful. I get to be a kid again. I couldn’t wait to get the barbies out.

Sorry for so many words. This is my first Wordless Wednesday

Ideas Happen in Unusal Places

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Ran out of the shower to my computer to finally post to my blog because that is were all the things I want to write seem to happen. Not just the shower but while cooking dinner, at 4h meetings, soccer practice, but then I get to the computer and everything goes blank. Maybe if I just keep typing they will come back. Writing fright I don’t know. This always happens.

Named the blog Super mommies but should of named it Crazy mommies. I have too many things going on that I don’t seem to find time or energy to post anything of interest. I have a lot of ideas but have not found time to get it done.

Things I want to post but have not found the time to write are:

  • Homeschooling- the when, who, and how
  • Themed projects we want to share- Medieval knights, dinosaurs, Texas history and many more
  • Our 4H Club adventures
  • Lowe’s Build and Grow projects

I encourage everyone to keep coming back because eventually I (we) will get the hang of this and post some interesting things.


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Still trying to get everything figured out. I’ve been reading everything I can find about WordPress so I know what I’m doing. Reading about plug-ins lately and found a few cool ones like flickrpress and AJAXed WordPress although still trying to figure that one out.  Changed some settings but not sure what it did. My method is to click and preview to see what changed.

Rained this morning so soccer games were canceled. So I decided to stay home to loaf around and mess around with my blog, although I haven’t done much to it. I did read a lot of stuff.

Tweaked My Blog


Okay finally done tweaking the theme only after 5 uploads. So happy I can change things to the way I want. Didn’t want to create a whole new theme because I tend to be hesitant and would have never started posting anything. I decided to just post random ramblings right now until I get some actual topic articles done because I want to practice just posting and not being afraid. I have many fears about many things but my new motto in life is to do the opposite of things I would have done in the past. Trying to live different because I kinda went through an early mid-life crisis and learned a hu ge amount of stuff about myself. Was mad at God for awhile until I realized the nightmare I went through was all for a reason as things usually are.

My plan for this blog is to share my crazy adventures of (trying) to be a Super Mommy. Meaning we do the craziest things to provide our children with every and any educational, fun, and interesting things to do. I’m a home schooling mommy of three wonderful kids 3,10, and 16 and do many of these crazy adventures with my very best friend Cathy who is going to share in the blogging. All super mommies out there are welcome to comment and even write a topic article or link to my blog to share your adventures too.

Well better go and begin today’s adventure. We have home school Swim-n-Gym, work on our Lemonade Day stuff, 4H Adult leader meeting.