2011 4-H Dog Fun Match


On Saturday JEM participated in the 4-H Dog Fun Match which is a mock dog show. Every Thursday night from April through July JEM practices dog showmanship and obedience for the Morgan County 4-H Dog project. They have a mock dog show in June so the kids can get a trial run that prepares them for the show that takes place during the County fair.

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Busy Tuesday


The kids and I had a busy day. I wish I would of got up earlier but I stayed up too late. We met my friend Jen and her son at open gym at the Martinsville Gymnastics Academy where my girls take gymnastics on Thursdays.

After the gym we went to the school playground to have lunch. Then we parted ways and I had to go to the library to return and get MJ more books. She loves the library and they have their summer reading program going on. She makes a contract saying how many books she is going to read for the summer and each week she gets a prize when she comes to check out books.


Then we went home and got stuff ready for our 4-H meeting at the community garden. JEM’s group weeded the garden, made pinwheels, and tin pie pan decorations for the garden.

The minis who I’m in charge of made paper plate crafts. I didn’t have as many as I thought I would so it went well and not too messy.

I’m always running out of stuff so we had to go to the store to pick up something easy for dinner. We are on a new healthier diet so going to the store is a challenge because I have to read the labels. We decided on chicken salad and fruit. Very easy and not much cooking just chopping.

Well off to eat dinner.


Kids With a Mission 4-H April 2011 Club Meeting

Sprint PictureMail

Our meeting went well even though we got rained out of gardening at our community garden. We had to go with our back-up plan and have the meeting inside instead.

The weather has been a pain, cold, rainy, and I thought it was spring already. I expect rain, but the cold, I was hoping we were done with.

Instead of preparing our 4-H garden we had to do our back-up plan and had our regular 4-H members mock judge the window display contestants.

Each year the 4-H clubs decorate a window somewhere in town to promote 4-H with the theme for the year. Our 2011 theme is 4-H 4U in a cell phone text format to promote 4-H is for everyone and not just about farming and livestock.

There is so much more to 4-H.


  • Crafts
  • electricity
  • cooking
  • sports
  • aerospace and the list goes on…


Sprint PictureMail

Our club had a display a the Morgan County Library showing a farm, apartment, and suburb (home) with a 4-H member in each texting each other about the projects they were working on and then a picture of each club member and their favorite 4-H project as the boarder of our display. We also had a Lego display in the display window as you enter the library.

Our club, Kids with a Mission, won 2nd place this year. Last year we were 8th, so quite an improvement.

While the regular members were doing the mock judging our mini 4-Hers learned about how and what plants need. They did a worksheet and made a how plants grow mini book then planted marigolds to take home and care for until fair, where they will show their blooms as a project for mini gardening.

Next meeting is planned for May 17th at the community garden a second attempt at starting our planting.



2010 4-H Achievement Banquet-Name Tag Contest

Here is the name tag for our 4-H club, Kids With a Mission. Every year at the Morgan County 4-H Achievement Banquet there is a name tag design contest for all the 4-H Clubs at the end of every year.  Each club is to design a name tag that represents there club and the theme for that year, which this year is “Constructing Tomorrows Leaders”. I designed the name tag using Adobe Illustrator using shapes to make Lego people constructing a bigger lego person which would be the future leader they are constructing.

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