Library Summer Reading Program’s Blast Off! Craft

Today we went to the Morgan County Public Library’s summer reading Blast Off! Craft Program. JEM and MJ had a blast making this craft. They made a rocket ship snow globe. MJ had fun with lots of stickers and glitter glue.

The library has such great activities. Check out the post “Summer Reading Program @ the Library- “Chalk the Walk Wednesday” for more information on all the great things to do at the library during the summer or check back to see the fun we had.


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Summer Reading Program @ the Library- “Chalk the Walk Wednesdays”

Today we went to the first “Chalk the Walk Wednesdays” activity for the Morgan County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program that’s every Wednesday from 2-2:30.

The Reporter Times newspaper was there taking pictures and MJ will be in the paper again. She seems to always be in the paper for the library events.

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Busy Tuesday


The kids and I had a busy day. I wish I would of got up earlier but I stayed up too late. We met my friend Jen and her son at open gym at the Martinsville Gymnastics Academy where my girls take gymnastics on Thursdays.

After the gym we went to the school playground to have lunch. Then we parted ways and I had to go to the library to return and get MJ more books. She loves the library and they have their summer reading program going on. She makes a contract saying how many books she is going to read for the summer and each week she gets a prize when she comes to check out books.


Then we went home and got stuff ready for our 4-H meeting at the community garden. JEM’s group weeded the garden, made pinwheels, and tin pie pan decorations for the garden.

The minis who I’m in charge of made paper plate crafts. I didn’t have as many as I thought I would so it went well and not too messy.

I’m always running out of stuff so we had to go to the store to pick up something easy for dinner. We are on a new healthier diet so going to the store is a challenge because I have to read the labels. We decided on chicken salad and fruit. Very easy and not much cooking just chopping.

Well off to eat dinner.


The Amazing Bubble Truck at The Morgan County Public Library

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The Amazing Bubble Truck was at the Morgan County Public Library on June 14th. This truck was truly amazing. As we pulled in near the Library there were bubbles everywhere. It was so cool.

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The Amazing Bubble Truck was at the library for the Summer Reading Program “Make a Splash Read”  kick off event. And what a kick off. Bubbles, kids even adults all in the parking lot having a great time.

JEM had a knack for making huge bubbles. She will even be in the Reporter Times our local newspaper because she kept producing such large interesting bubbles.

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She said the trick was to go slow as you pull the strings out of the bubble solution and not to open them too fast, then just let the wind or body movement blow through making the bubble.

Conner at Library Bubble Truck

After she explained it to the other kids, everyone got the hang of it. They had so much fun making all kinds of interesting bubbles. Even MJ  (below) who is only 3, had a few good ones.

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AL had the best large bubbles in my opinion. As I was taking a picture they grew and popped all over me.

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I got so many wonderful pictures.

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Lego Mania – Library Summer Reading Program

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The Morgan County public library here in Martinsville, Indiana offers our youth great summer reading programs every year to encourage them to continue reading during summer break.

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This years theme is Make a Splash-Read! The kids receive a reading contract that they fill out stating the number of books or minutes they plan to read this summer. Then at the end of the summer during the end of summer reading party they will receive prizes for meeting their goals. [Read more...]