We Finished Moving

Moving is the worst and best thing. I was so excited to move into a bigger place, but as the moving started I was not feeling it.

I always get stuck with the organizing, and moving all the small stuff while my hubby does the big heavy stuff. It’s not fair because he thinks he did the hard work when that is so not true.

The hard work is boxing everything up, knowing where everything is going to go, unpacking everything, and then organizing it.

All the while he is at work and when he comes home to a clean organized house and acts like it was no big deal because he didn’t see the mountain of crap all over the house before it was lugged up the stairs and all put in it’s place.

I swear he thinks I can twinkle my nose or wave my wand and everything goes poof into place. I wish.

We are finally done moving and arranging everything and I am so exhausted. Everyone is happier with more room and the newness of it all.

I never want to move again!!!

School on the Couch, Whatever Works Right


Woo Hoo, finally a school day where we finished everything.

Fourth week of school and it’s been slow going trying to get adjusted to the routine again.

I worked this morning and instead of going back to bed I got the kiddos up earlier than usual.

We had a few mishaps that got us off track at first, but man what a difference it is starting school at 8:00 instead of 10:30. I was ready for a nap at 11:00, but made it through by laying on the couch while MJ read her phonics book and then I read science books about space.

School on theĀ  couch, whatever works right.


Busy Tuesday


The kids and I had a busy day. I wish I would of got up earlier but I stayed up too late. We met my friend Jen and her son at open gym at the Martinsville Gymnastics Academy where my girls take gymnastics on Thursdays.

After the gym we went to the school playground to have lunch. Then we parted ways and I had to go to the library to return and get MJ more books. She loves the library and they have their summer reading program going on. She makes a contract saying how many books she is going to read for the summer and each week she gets a prize when she comes to check out books.


Then we went home and got stuff ready for our 4-H meeting at the community garden. JEM’s group weeded the garden, made pinwheels, and tin pie pan decorations for the garden.

The minis who I’m in charge of made paper plate crafts. I didn’t have as many as I thought I would so it went well and not too messy.

I’m always running out of stuff so we had to go to the store to pick up something easy for dinner. We are on a new healthier diet so going to the store is a challenge because I have to read the labels. We decided on chicken salad and fruit. Very easy and not much cooking just chopping.

Well off to eat dinner.


Monday Ramblings

Monday. I usually feel alright on Monday’s. It being the start of a new week and I get to try and do better than the last. Our homeschooling has been a little slow with the arrival of my son, just because of the newness and distraction of wanting to talk and the kids wanting to play with him. [Read more...]

Shower Puff goes Poof

Sent the hubby off to work and jumped in the shower before the kiddos woke up and had to start school. Love the opportunity to take a shower with no interruptions as this is the where I get to do some brainstorming for the day. My thoughts are clearer in the shower, alone. This is the only time I seem to have my alone time where I can think peacefully. [Read more...]