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MJ’s Story Time and Craft- The Frog Prince


The first in the series for “MJ’s Story Time and Craft”

As part of MJ’s Homeschool this year in Kindergarten. We read stories and for some books we do an activity or craft.

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This week we read

The Frog Prince (We Both Read) ,” adapted by Sindy McKay.

The Moral of the story was “ A promise is a promise”.

The story was also a “we both read” beginning reader and MJ helped read a few words too.


Teaching MJ to Read in Some Very Interesting Ways


JEM started reading at 4 and a half and was much easier to teach than MJ because she just listened to everything I told her. MJ has to do everything her way and loves to argue. I tried starting the reading process at 3 then 4 and now she is 4 1/2 and is showing more interest. I know that at 3 and even early 4 might be too young, but wanted to introduce it just in case, like I did with JEM. And this is after I know they have the basics, like knowing all the letters, vowels, and enjoy being read to.

The struggle is helping her start to sound out words and really learn how the letters form words. With JEM it was easy, she just soaked up everything I told her. But with MJ I have to use fun interesting ways to get her to focus and concentrate.

We started with various things. She has: